Reduced Transaction Fees

So, after such a long time replacing Payza’s that stop involving and working with HYIP industry anymore today EgoPay sent a fabulous news letter regarding the reduction transfering fees from Payza. EgoPay decided to lower their transferring fees after more than a year involving their payment processor in HYIP industry. EgoPay known as one of the payment processors that has a higher rate of transaction fees besides Solid Trust Pay and they also accept deposit method using Payza and OKpay. In this year, EgoPay has made me easier to cash out my money. They decided to collaborate and work together with OKPay and this is also benefits me since I have my own OKPay debit card.

With OKPay debit card, I can cash out my money from EgoPay into OKPay and then through ATM which finally end up in my wallet. This is one of the benefit that EgoPay gave me. Since they don’t provide debit card, I will probably using exchangers and transfer my money into my paypal account or bank account. Sometimes I joined several revenue share program which mostly accept payze in their business. Payza has it’s own debit card but until now, their debit card still can not be used and payza does not give me a proper reason why it can’t be use.

I usually use transfer my money from Payza to EgoPay and then transfer it one more time to OKPay and then cash out using OKPay debit card. It will cost you so much fees so I often use exchangers and withdraw it from EgoPay into my Paypal account. It is much convenient since I always using Paypal to purchase any thing online. You can also use OKPay debit card to purchase any thing online instead of using your credit card. So basically, while investing and earning revenue or profits from HYIP investment, you can use OKPay to cash out or purchase any thing online. I often use Perfect Money and EgoPay for my investment and this make things easier to cash out and purchase goods online. So with lowering the fees, this might give me benefits.

There is also a good news from EgoPay, you can deposit into EgoPay from any other payment processors with 0% fees. However, this does not apply for Payza and OKPay as you will still be charged with some fees when using those processors to fund your EgoPay account. Also good news for HYIP admin who use a merchant account. The fees will be lower when you received money which is less than $10. EgoPay will only charge merchant account 2.5%+0.25$ instead of previous 2.5%+0.50$.

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